Tips for Camping with Your Cat

Camping with your pets can be lots of fun, and some pets lend themselves to camping more than others. While I don’t believe cats are the best species to take camping, it is doable. There are a few suggestions, however.
Cat in a Tent

Things I learned the hard way…

For one, cats generally don’t enjoy being in the car. If your cat is the exception, then by all means take them. Last time I took my Persian on a car ride she literally almost jumped out of the window. While I don’t think this is typical, it’s definitely not something that you want to be worried about when you’re going on vacation.

Next, I would suggest keeping your cat in a tent of some sort. If you don’t own a tent, you can always search for a place that offers an outdoor tent rental. Depending on which state you live in, there are a variety of different options. Since I usually travel all over the state, I usually just search for tent rentals in Texas; this usually will bring me several viable options, all at affordable rates. You definitely want a tent that’s going to be able to fit whoever you’re traveling with, as well as your cat (or cats). If you have an RV like these guys, your cats are in luck! I’ve only been on one RV trip with my Persian, but could tell she definitely enjoyed it quite a bit more than the tent!

Another tip is to remember that National Parks do not permit cats or dogs! I wasn’t aware of this and almost had a trip ruined. I ended up having to find a sitter at the last minute, so beware!

Obviously, you want to be sure you bring your kitty litter, as you don’t want your cat doing its business anywhere he/she pleases.

And lastly, when you’re planning on going out hiking, be sure to have your food/water tray and kitty litter box with you, as you’ll need to put your cat in your tent (or RV). You don’t want your favorite feline friend to run off and get eaten by a bear!

And remember, have fun!

These are all lessons I’ve learned from going camping with my best friend. You definitely don’t want to find out the hard way! Dogs can be a bit easier to go camping with, as they’re a bit less independent, and a bit more prone to stick by your side. However, with these tips in mind anyone can have fun on a cat camping trip!


We all love our pets, but are we taking care of them properly?

From dogs and cats to hamsters and fish, all animals need proper care and treatment, and most importantly, love It you own a pet you should be making sure they have everything they need to survive and live a happy live Dogs, unlike most other pets, require lots of exercise. You will need to take your dog for lots of walks to keep them fit and healthy.

You may also need to brush your dogs hair on a regular basis to keep their coats knot free and easy to clean. If you’re more of a cat lover then walks are not the type of exercise your pet needs! Although cats need to keep active too, so try to make sure you have plenty of toys for them to chase, or maybe even a climbing frame or two Cats are very playful and really enjoy the simplest of toys like chasing around a piece of string! Other household pets include; Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish and even reptiles!

All pets require looking after, some more than others, so when choosing a pet that’s right for you, make sure you’ll be able to look after it well Consider pet insurances and make sure you have a good local vet as a few animals need vaccinations and other regular treatments. Caged animals need regular cleaning.

Bedding, food and water needs to be changed quite often. Bedding should be changed at least once a week, while food and water should be changed every day. Wheels and ladders should also be added so your pets can exercise properly.

Fish are a great pet to keep. They are fairly low maintenance. Regular water changes and tank cleaning are needed although this is pretty much the only thing needed for the upkeep of cold water fish, along with regular feeding. Reptiles need a lot more expertise to keep. They need heated tanks and normally feed from live insects and rodents. If you’re thinking of buying a reptile you’re best off speaking with your local pet store for advice. Maybe start with a low maintenance reptile until you have gained more knowledge.

All in all, every pet needs looking after, and each animal have different needs. Research any animal before buying to ensure you’re able to commit the time and money. So many people buy pets off a whim without prior knowledge and too many animals end up in rescue centres, so maybe even consider adopting your pet.


Listening to Music Online

Why go buy CD after CD just to get a few songs you love, when you can surf the web and listen to virtually anything you want at any time? Listening to music has never been so easy, thanks to the internet and modern technology. It allows us to not only find what we love, but to discover new music and expand our musical horizons.

Music Streaming

Possibly the most popular way to listen to music online is by streaming music. With new sites appearing all the time, the music streaming industry is booming. Many streaming sites have tons of music to choose from, different music stations, and a lot of them even offer an app for your smartphone, so you can listen on the go.

Pandora — Arguably the most popular streaming site is Pandora Internet Radio. With Pandora you can choose a station, or your favorite band’s station, and listen to music that is related to the particular genre. They offer a “thumbs up” and a “thumbs down” button so you always get exactly what you want. They also offer a mobile app, a skip button, and their huge database of music. You’ll always find something you love.

Spotify — Pandora’s closest competitor is Spotify. With a MASSIVE amount of music available, you’ll never get bored of the same music over and over. Spotify offers a mobile app, great sound quality, a radio option, and even a pro membership ($9.99) that allows you to download music for offline listening and an even BETTER music quality of 320kbps vs. 160kbps.

Google Play Music All Access — If you have 10$ to spare every month, this option may be just for you. With great usability, this service is widely available on PC, as well as on Android and 10S. You can upload your own music to listen to offline, use a radio option (with unlimited skips), or choose from their 20 million+ tracks to listen to whatever you like.

Other Music Options

If streaming is not your thing, never fear! There are other options for you to choose from. For example, A VERY popular option is, of course, YouTube. You can listen to virtually anything you want, and watch music videos. YouTube has a great app for Android and IOS to make listening/watching even better.

In conclusion, everyone loves music. A single song can make your entire day better. There are plenty of options out there that are not mentioned here, and it’s really easy to find one that’s right for you!